The founding partners in the business are setting up a change of private GP practices to address the lack of doctor services in the UK. Linked to one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK, my role was to design and build their online presence. As part of establishing the brand, I created a contemporary design language that balanced the reassurance from a trusted healthcare professional with the feeling of high quality and the prestige of using a private service.

The site needed to set-out the services available and unpack the pricing, and seamlessly lead through to registration and booking. One of the interesting challenges is their proposition includes pay-as-you-go consultations with a recurring subscription service.

SEO was a major consideration as this was a completely new brand and with an online-first philosophy , if needed to quickly index at the top of the search results.

Mobile responsiveness was important too, as the research showed a large percentage of booking would be via mobile devices.

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