Loyalty Zoo is an online loyalty program that enables vendors to create exciting rewards that will drive customers back in-store, without the hassle of paper or plastic cards. As an established, successful business, Loyalty Zoo has grown its products over the years, adding new features and functionality. This has resulted in an overly complicated user experience that has been confusing customers and limiting further product development.

I worked  with the founder / CEO to create a new UX framework that better structured the products, but kept core journeys their existing customers were comfortable with and were working well.

As an ePOS system, the design needed to work across multiple resolutions. Particularly challenging were supporting the smaller ePOS screens which were both very low resolution and also very low processing power.

Colour also played an important role for quickly signposting functions. There was also a further objective to create a generic palette that would work with multiple brands as well as offering white label services.

The Loyal Zoo site is hot off the press and and the client hasn't gone live with the updates just yet, I'm happy to talk through what I've done but the images will have to wait.

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