As the senior UI/UX designer on the newly launched Hive Active Heating™ project, my main responsibility was the design of the principle website. 
My day to day tasks included:
                  •                 Creative direction and design of the eCommerce customer journeys; ensuring experience was fully responsive                                             (cross  platform / mobile).
                  •                 Design of the brand, marketing and press pages that were a crucial part of the launch of the product.
                  •                 Collaborating with the lead UX/UI to define and evolve both the colour ways and visual tone of voice 
                  •                 Supporting the product owners with brand research, ideation, website concepts and taking user stories from concept                                     through to signed-off designs
                  •                 Working with the developers to provide them with the necessary assets as part of their weekly sprint. Provided final                                       design review to ensure creative consistency
                  •                 Assisted in the design of the mobile application that allows the customer to control the temperature in their home. 
                  •                 Identified and commissioned an accessibility review of the mobile and desktop application as we have a large                                               portion of visually impaired customers 
User Guides
Cropped section of desktop and mobile view
How it works
Cropped section of desktop and mobile view
Comparison table
The responsive design of the comparison table ensures that the Hive USP is always in view. This is achieved by ‘fixing’ the benefits and Hive columns and allowing the competitor information to slide behind.
Book an appointment
Cropped section of page desktop and mobile view
Heating control feature
Web dashboard next to dedicated app view
Schedule control feature
Web dashboard next to dedicated app view

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