I decided to follow a long-time dream of mine and create an independent, sustainable fashion brand, making luxury leather bags and accessories.

I established Tatum Diamond London as a sustainable handbag and fashion brand.  I wanted to show it was possible to create luxury, desirable handmade items whilst maintaining solid environment credentials and not damaging the planet.

Launching the brand required me to use all of my design skills (and learn many more). 

Using the Diamond logo in my product and the website I was able to create a strong visual identity that spanned all the materials I created.

As I developed the brand I created several sizes of bags and purses to create my first full range.

I set up the business to be online-only, with most pieces made to order. This required me to create a website where customers were able to select their design and materials before getting a quote. I used Squarespace for the first year but decided to rebuilt the site in Shopify as I wanted to get an in-depth understanding of how the two compare. 

I was even recognised as a runner-up at the international handbag awards.

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